It’s an amazing gift to have a partner that brings excitement, joy, and happiness to your life. For the most part, including friends, we spent time with those who enrich our lives, not those who make our lives less positive. But what if you’re a person who finds that you only feel truly happy when your partner is around?


Is it so bad that you are experiencing (or are recalling your last relationship where you experienced this) this set of positive emotions exclusively through your partner? I have to say, yes. If each time your partner is not around you realize you go from about a 10 on the happiness scale to a 4, that’s a problem. I’m not meaning to instill panic in your. This just means that you need to take experiencing positive emotions in other ways as a significant priority. This is for the success of your relationship as much as it is for your own well-being!


I do believe that people have genuine connections with others….even ones that feel so amazing and magical that it’s difficult to think that it’s not about the most unique special thing on the planet. Yes, you should acknowledge that this person has this impact on you. However, it’s really important that you realize that the experience of positive emotions (happiness, excitement, joy) are coming from within YOU. You are responding to a unique set of factors in this person, but the experience itself is created inside you. Your mind, along with your unique history have managed to experience wonderful things with this person. It’s important to know that these are YOURS. Therefore, you can experience them in other ways, with other people, and through other experiences.  It’s amazing that you have the capacity to experience such positive feelings. Great- now go practice finding new ways to experience them even more!