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I know you’ve heard it before but breakfast truly is a very important meal. Many people avoid breakfast because they are afraid that they will eat more than they want to later in the day. By “saving up” on food or calories you are creating more opportunities for problematic eating as your day progresses. If you’re trying to get over food issues breakfast is even more important. How is breakfast an opportunity to heal?

  1. You’re symbolically starting your day off right. If you are carrying guilt from what you ate yesterday or already feeling fearful about what you will or won’t eat, breakfast provides you with the opportunity to work through those feelings.
  1. Once breakfast becomes a part of your routine it is a way to ground yourself when you are feeling out of control. Knowing that you will always have a routine around breakfast no matter what happened the day before and no matter what comes ahead. At the end of a difficult day you can know that you will start your day off with a clean slate.
  1. Eating breakfast is important for your mood. If you’re struggling with eating too much or too little or just thinking about food all the time, eating is important to get your emotional health back on track. Not having healthy blood sugar levels can make you feel worse. Feeling worse can then lead to more unhealthy behaviors.