Unless you’re a part of one of these super human couples that does triathlons and meditation retreats together, you may have experienced the common demise of self-care when you find yourself in a relationship. Even in relationships that are secure and supportive, why is it that-self care often goes out the window? YEA, I TOTALLY RUN LIKE ALLLL THE TIME

Ever remember entering a relationship explaining all the ways you’re “succeeding at life” to your potential partner? Whether it’s running, yoga, book club, phone chats with your friends, the things that feed your soul (sorry, I have no other way to put it) as a single person gradually give way to other fun things….Sleeping in on weekends until bottomless mimosa brunches get you up, or the oh so popular “stay in on the sofa movie night.” Sure, it used to feel great to take care of yourself but now…well now instant gratification and relaxation are found exclusively in the simplicity of your ever present partner.


When you wake up and realize that you’re a little annoyed with your partner. I don’t know…Maybe it was their lack of domestic abilities and the dishes have piled up one too many times. You’re jolted into feeling motivated to focus on “you.” However, this may be fleeting once you realize that the effortlessness it used to take to make plans with your girlfriends or go for a morning hike now appears to have every planetary obstacle in it’s way. Low motivation included. The point is, by the time you reach adulthood you know what’s good for you. One of the gifts of being single is finding how to cope with life and THRIVE independently of a romantic partner. What a gift, right?! Whatever it is that makes you thrive on your own, be sure to prioritize these parts of your life. It’s a sure way to honor your relationship and your SELF.